Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Europe calls and UKIP gets my first investment

With just under a month to go until the elections on 22 May for the European Parliament I'm prepared to start taking notice of the opinion polls. And there's one thing I am getting confident about - the British Conservative Party is in for a right proper drubbing. And another - the Liberal Democrats are wasting their time even fielding candidates.
Here are the latest poll figures as tabulated on the UK Polling Report website:
It really does look like a two party race and, by-and-large, that's how the market sees it.
At the best prices available you can back all four runners and break square. Leave out the also running Conservatives and Liberal Democrats and you can get the two chances at a glorious 90%! Surely that's an opportunity too good to miss.
My recommendation is to wager in these proportions - $46 on Labour at the $2.2 from William Hill and $45 at Ladbrokes' $2.25.By my calculation it's $10 for nothing and only a month to wait.
You will find details of my outstanding bets and the betting record at The Portfolio - the record so far.

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