Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angela Merkel gives a French election tip

I notice that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has changed her tune about actively backing Nicolas Sarkozy in the contest for the French presidency. She is now offering to meet with the socialist candidate Francois Holland as it becomes more likely that Sarkozy is on the way to being rejected.
While recent opinion polls show that President Sarkozy now has a narrow lead when first round voting intentions are measured, he still lags well behind after minor candidates are eliminated. And as the figures from TNS Sofres show, the latest drop in first round support for Hollande is less than the increase shown for Jean Luc Melanchon whose party is further to the left than the mainstream socialists.
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I have already invested $64.50 on Sarkozy not to win (see the details of this and other current wagers in the portfolio here) and I recommend going again at the Intrade price this morning of 60.5%

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