Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Republican race again

Contests in three states and three victories for Rick Santorum. There is a fair dinkum race again for the Republican presidential nomination.

At least I didn't fall in to taking the short prices on offer in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado about Mitt Romney winning. I ended up following my own advice from 31 January when I drew attention to the national surveys of the opinion pollsters that had him second to Newt Gingrich and not all that far in front of candidate Santorum. I wrote: "The lack of enthusiasm for Romney makes me hesitate about taking the short prices on offer in these upcoming events"

Having reached the conclusion that the modest investment on Santorum back at the end of December at $27 (3.7% in Intrade terms) was money wasted I am now in the position where I can make a profit! He's 12.1% tonight.

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