Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A modest 40% return for the year

A modest little earn on the US Presidential election has more than compensated for getting wrong the likely economic conditions at the end of the year in the United States.
After a year of operation, the portfolio is now showing a total profit of $384.80 on its $1000 bank. Not sensational but I've been taking a very prudent approach and the outstanding wagers on Australian politics must show an eventual profit of $20 (and maybe a little more) whatever happens. Let's call the total return $400. That's certainly better than my partner's superannuation fund has been doing.
Of the other outstanding bets, Bashad-al-Assad still being president of Syria at the end of the year has moved in the right direction. I took the 54.3% some months ago that he would not be removed and it is in to 19% tonight.
The $100 on Labour at $2.26 to be the biggest party after the next British election is looking okay as well. The latest Betfair quote is $1.86.
Full details of present and past bets are HERE.

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